Monday, November 2, 2009


so i have made a lemon hat, a tomato hat, a viking hat, a basketball hat, an purple eggplant/aubergine hat (with ladybug on the leaf), and i am working on a fair isle baby hat, which will have pea pods on top, and then a lavender hat, with lavender sprigs on it.

Also planned is an acorn hat (with oak leaf), a strawberry hat (with bee on the berry blossom) and some sort of space invaders hat that Tighe has planned.

I want to make 4 other hats for a friend with 4 kidds, with some sort of flowers on them (not stitched on in duplicate stich, but rather actually knitting in 3 d, then stitched onto the hat)

I love knit picks!!

Knit Picks is my new favorite website, they have the most awesome needles, and such lovely yarns.

Welcome to my Klog

Here is my new Klog, my knitting log.

i have developed a passsion for knitting and crocheting - mostly hats and amigurumi animals, and those things combined (amigurumi on tops of hats).

Here i hope to keep a running list of my projects - completed, in the works, planned, and still just in my head.